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This page is updated regularly with all new announcements regarding online services.  The most recent information will be on top.

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To attend an online service, simply click one of the links above during the announced service time or try again after a few minutes if the start of the service is delayed.

Partial Re-Opening of Church begins Sunday, May 24


Starting on Sunday, May 24, we have a blessing from Bishop Daniel to offer the Holy Gifts to the community and begin gradual re-opening of the church.  Click here for more information.


Dearly beloved in the Lord,

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

A week ago I sent out a message regarding the preparations it would take for us to reopen. In that message I said "I can not speculate when and how St. Tikhon Mission will reopen." That, unfortunately, remains the case today.

Even though both the state & local civil directives have now transitioned into "safer at home," the difficulty lies in the many steps that are required by our hierarchs in order to achieve the milestone to reopen (please see for more information about this). We, as a mission parish, with a small space and limited number of people to accomplish the work required, most of whom also maintain secular employment, are not as well equipped as other parishes in the area may be to accomplish this. Therefore, while other churches might already be reopening on some level, we are, and will be, a bit behind in the process. I ask both your forgiveness and patience in this respect!

Reopening of St. Tikhon Mission will be gradual, and almost certainly initially very limited. I will be consulting with our clergy, choir, and council prior to seeking diocesan blessing, since the latter hinges on a well laid-out plan for our specific needs & circumstances. I will certainly pass on more information to you all as the path forward becomes better defined. However, I repeat what I stated before: the when & how of our reopening today remain unclear.

I would like to reiterate what we can and are continuing to do in the meantime:

  1. serve all non-Liturgy services at my home and Divine Liturgy at church, but only with skeleton crew, while streaming these services via Zoom and Facebook Live
  2. service schedule is available via electronic calendar at & links to the streams are on our Web site at
  3. I am available to speak/meet via phone/Zoom; please send a text/e-mail to schedule an appointment

I am, and I suspect most of you are as well, not happy that we are stuck in these very strange and unusual circumstances, that we can not gather and worship the way we have become accustomed. I miss you, and I miss praying and being together. Nevertheless, we, our community, our country, the Orthodox Church as a whole, and the entire world continue to be afflicted with the shadow of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: its death toll; its extreme transmissibility; the uncertainty & debate about it within the medical & scientific communities; the terrible toll its presence is taking on the economy; and the extreme measures we are all enduring in attempt to manage the outbreak. Despite all this, despite the realities of our complex & broken (read: fallen) world, Christ remains risen, Christ remains with us, Christ remains the shining Light on the hill. Let none of us be disheartened, let none of us be without faith, let us surrender ourselves to Him and His abundant mercy & love.

With love in the risen Christ,
Father Alexander



CHRIST IS RISEN!  St. Tikhon Mission will continue online streaming of services this month through Zoom and Facebook live. We are planning the calendar on a week-to-week basis and will update the website calendars as frequently as possible. Please check back often for updates. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these challenging times. We hope you can join us for the online services.

Upcoming Services
Sunday, May 31st
9:10 am Hours & Divine Liturgy ONLINE
11:00 am Holy Communion

St. Tikhon Mission in Parker is offering limited on-site services as part of a gradual re-opening plan. More information

- 05/30/2020

Weekly Bulletin: May 31, 2020

- 05/24/2020

Weekly Bulletin: May 24, 2020

Partial Re-Opening of Church Begins This Week - 05/23/2020

Starting on Sunday, May 24, we have a blessing from Bishop Daniel to offer the Holy Gifts to the community and begin gradual re-opening of the church.

- 05/08/2020

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